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San Diego Life | 圣地亚哥的生活

By Nancy Bai | SDCHM Volunteer and Chinese Exchange Student 
My name is Nancy, a college student from China. This August, I signed up at my school to become a volunteer for the United States Volunteer Exchange Project. I chose to volunteer in beautiful San Diego, California at the Chinese Historical Museum. I am delighted to share my experience in San Diego so far. 
I have been in San Diego for 12 days and am gradually adjusting to the lifestyle here. Although my English is not very good and I often do not understand what others say to me, I’ve met some great people through my internship, my host family, and other people in the city so far. With their help, my English is improving.

My internship in San Diego is at the Chinese Historical Museum, which was built to commemorate Chinese history, art and culture and the contributions of Chinese Americans. The environment at the Museum is excellent. My colleagues are friendly and hospitable. I often sell admission tickets and help with othe…

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