Myface? Spacebook? Help the Museum Conquer Cyberspace

It is sometimes a challenge for our museum to preserve the past without being left behind. In an attempt to be of history, but not in it, over the past two years the museum has embarked on a foray into the brave new world of online social networking. This summer, we have discovered that we are not alone, and numerous other nonprofits are getting their digital feet wet in the tumultuous waters of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and an ever-increasing morass of other platforms. A big part of this is getting to know one’s target audience, its needs, and where it hangs out online, so we encourage any and all suggestions. We will be continually experimenting with new media, so be sure to tell us what you like. The goal is to open up new ways for members and friends to participate online through sharing pictures, videos, and websites. You can already check out a few of our favorite sites at Please join us on your social networking platform of choice and let us know what else you would like to see there. Find us at,, or


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