In The Classroom: SDG&E Summer Partnership Series

Summer is here and the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum has once again partnered up with San Diego Gas & Electric to help you conserve electricity with energy (and money) saving tips, Flex Alerts, sustainable crafts, and energy-saving inventions. 

In honor of the fascinating lecture on the history of mobile communication presented by William C. Y. Lee earlier this month, our first series will be a continuation of "In The Classroom" focusing on ancient Chinese science and technology. Each Wednesday afternoon we will be sharing a special activity or fun historical facts on ancient Chinese communication, transportation and navigation, alternative power sources, and much more to share with your students.  Plus, we'll even give you helpful tips on energy conservation and sustainability inspired by some of these ancient inventions!

Did you know Chinese writing was invented before paper?  Our staff members have asked students from all over San Diego County this question and here's a list of items they thought the ancient Chinese would have use to write on instead: Stone, wood, caves, animals, fur, bamboo, silk, hide, jade, gold, and bronze. What do you think the people of Chinese used before paper was invented? Post your answer on our Facebook page!

Do you have a particular topic you would like to see on our blog?  Post your ideas on our Facebook page.  We would love to hear from you!


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