Hang Dry Your Laundry: A Money and Energy Saving Tip

Whoa, it’s hot out there, San Diego!  In these final days of summer, SDCHM wants you Flex Your Power and help save energy.  This week’s tip: After running a load in the washing machine (on cold, of course!) hang dry your laundry on a drying rack, saving your energy and money.  In this heat, do you really want your dryer on anyway?

Welcome Laundry, circa 1950s.
Speaking of laundry, did you know that San Diego has a long history in the laundry business? It all started in the 1800s when Chinese immigrants flocked to California as part of the Gold Rush. Unfortunately, shortly after their arrival, the United States government began passing a series of discriminatory laws, which prohibited the Chinese from partaking in certain professions. Instead, Chinese immigrants chose to open laundries because it was one of the quickest and easiest entrepreneurial activities. Owning a laundry did not require the Chinese to speak much English or have a lot of start-up costs. Initially, Chinese laundries were welcome because washing other people’s dirty clothes was considered an undesirable job by most Euro-Americans. By the late 1800s, business was booming and Chinese laundries had opened up and down the California coast. Between 1886 and 1970 there were over 100 Chinese Laundries in San Diego, including more than 40 in Chinatown alone. Want to learn more? Stop by the SDCHM and check out our permanent exhibit, “Chinese Laundries in San Diego.”

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Thank you to SDG&E for helping make our energy-saving outreach possible.


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