Painting the Gaslamp Red

Earlier this month, the Gaslamp Quarter Association launched its Paint the Town Red campaign in the historical Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego.  This campaign highlights the history of the Gaslamp Quarter, which was known as the Red Light District or Stingaree, when "Brothels and Gambling Saloons dominated the area."  Technically, SDCHM isn't in the Gaslamp Quarter, we are a part of Asian Pacific Historic District, but this activity was too fun and appealing for us not to participate.  Over the past ten days, we've been collecting ideas on Pinterest and today we launched a full scale craft day.  We're putting our own spin on painting the town red with these red snowflakes.  We love the color red and this project also lets us highlight the ancient Chinese art of paper cutting.  We followed this tutorial on Pinterest which was originally posted on this website.

Thanks to the Gaslamp Quarter Association for spearheading this fun, community-building activity. We had a blast painting our museum red. For more information on the history of the Gaslamp Quarter head here.
Do you have any decorating tips to share?  Post them on our Facebook page.  We'd love to hear from you!

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