Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 7th marks a very important day in American History, the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Many lives were lost and the attack prompted the U.S.'s involvement in WWII.

This morning the USS Midway Museum along with the San Diego Pearl Harbor Survivors Association held a Pearl Harbor Survivor Remembrance Ceremony at the Midway. This wonderful annual tradition was free to the public and the event included a two-bell ceremony, presentation of wreaths, and a gunfire salute by the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Here is a look at the Attack on Pearl Harbor by the numbers:

2,302 American deaths | 1,282 American injuries | 188 U.S. aircrafts destroyed | 4 U.S. Navy battleships damaged | 4 U.S. Navy battleships sunk | 3 cruisers damaged | 3 destroyers damaged | 1 anti-aircraft damaged | 1 training ship damaged | 1 minelayer damaged 

SDCHM would like to thank the USS Midway Museum for their continued support of Veterans and our diverse Military community.


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