Making Bad Fortunes: DIY fortune cookies

Halloween is approaching and the staff at SDCHM is busy getting ready for Faces Off: Twitter & Facebook Halloween Affair happening this Saturday, October 27! We will be offering FREE ADMISSION to our Facebook and Twitter followers who show up at the museum tomorrow in costume. 

To prepare for this event, we are creating paper fortune cookies from recycled paper with spooky fortunes inside. Keep an eye out for one very special paper cookie as we will be giving away free admission for a group of 4 to one lucky guest with the right fortune. 

Want to create your own good fortune? Well, do we have a special Halloween Trick-or-Treat for you!

Materials Needed:

Recycled Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Crayons, Glue, Something round about 4 1/2 inches in diameter


1. Collect your materials.
2. Trace circles on recycled paper. We used a roll of tape but anything round will work. Also, try to fit as many circles on to your paper as possible.
3. Decorate your recycled paper over the circles you have made.
4. Cut out the circles.
5. Gently fold the circle in half without creasing the middle to create a half circle. This is a good time to slip in the actual fortunes inside your cookies.
6. While gently holding the circle in half, use your thumb and middle finger to bring the top and bottom together and slowly push the middle in with your index finger. Allow the paper to fold naturally.
7. As you continue to fold the paper in, the sides of the circles will start to over lap.
8. Glue the the two sides together and you have your cookie!

Remember, tomorrow is our Twitter & Facebook Halloween Affair! Wear a costume and mention Twitter or Facebook and get Free Admission when you come to the  San Diego Chinese Historical Museum's Mission building, which chronicles the early history of the Gaslamp District and the Chinatown that once was. See the Chuang Garden and the spooky relics of old that are there. Explore the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Extension and meet our resident Ancestor who guards our library. The museum staff will all be here donning our Halloween faces.

Check out our other DIY crafts or energy-conservation posts and visit our Flex Alert partners at SDG&E for more tips and information on saving energy.

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