Please welcome our new staff member

As we wish Ianna all the best in her new job, the staff at SDCHM would like to welcome our new member, Tomika Gotch. She was raised on the east coast in a bi-cultural family with a Japanese father and Chinese mother. She recently moved to San Diego with her husband from Brooklyn, NY. Soon after their marriage last year, they traveled across the U.S. and have decided to live in California. Tomika has always loved visiting museums and has volunteered as a docent at the Rubin Museum while living in NY. Graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and Studio Art from Drew University and completing her Art Therapy master’s degree at New York University in 2006, Tomika brings her love of helping others and creativity to SDCHM. She is also interning at Bay Park Press where she practices printmaking, book arts, and letterpress. Tomika is looking forward to being a part of the great team here at SDCHM.


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